My Journey: Putting The Pieces Back Differently

Pieces of me. March 31, 2016. Hi guys, It has been a long time I know since last I blogged; and it has been one year this month since I had two back to back surgeries for the removal of fibroids (tumors), a cyst, and my left ovary. That was a very difficult time for me... Continue Reading →

Popcorn My Way The Healthy Clean Eats Version

I make popcorn the old school way. Stove top kernels in a pot with coconut oil instead of butter then place the lid on top. I flavor it with  number of herbs spices seasoning ..cinnamon, black pepper, lemon pepper, etc other times just I just eat it plain the coconut oil gives off a terrific... Continue Reading →

Stunning Legs and Glute Routine:

Stunning Legs and Glute Routine: Give it all you've got; 1 x 50 Walking Lunges 4 x 1 Minute Weighted Jump Squats ss/w 4 x 12 Weighted High Step-ups (use weight that will <a href=""> Read More...

Summer Chest and Back Routine

For those of you looking for a new Chest/Back Routine for August Give this one a go. Also be sure to like my Official Facebook Page. Abbreviations: ss/w = Superset with the next exerciseDB = Dumbbell BB= BarbellWarm-up 5 to 10 minutes: 4 x 12 Standing Cable Pullover ss/w4 x 10 Alternating Push-ups using Bosu4... Continue Reading →

Ugh I don’t like category x,y, and z, on the bodybuilding spectrum category j is Better. Better for Who?

It doesn't matter what category you fit in Bikini, Figure, Women's Physique, Men's Physique,Women's Bodybuilding, Men's Bodybuilding we all busted our butts to get on that stage and to compete many times over. One doesn't simply dream of building the muscle and the next morning it is there or burning the fat and poof it's... Continue Reading →

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