Black Hair

These past two years I have really learned to just embrace my God given natural black kinky curly hair, coils and all. I love it. I also like wearing yarn braids but I like the feeling of freshly just unbraided hair because it in my opinion looks its best. I do wish my hair would... Continue Reading →

Dear God…

Thank you for Blessing My New Year 2018 and Blessing me with all people and things that are the best for my life and life path and may I be the same for them as well. I love you. I THANK YOU. I Appreciate you. I worship and Adore you. In Jesus Name I pray;... Continue Reading →

Popcorn My Way The Healthy Clean Eats Version

I make popcorn the old school way. Stove top kernels in a pot with coconut oil instead of butter then place the lid on top. I flavor it with  number of herbs spices seasoning ..cinnamon, black pepper, lemon pepper, etc other times just I just eat it plain the coconut oil gives off a terrific... Continue Reading →

Stunning Legs and Glute Routine:

Stunning Legs and Glute Routine: Give it all you've got; 1 x 50 Walking Lunges 4 x 1 Minute Weighted Jump Squats ss/w 4 x 12 Weighted High Step-ups (use weight that will <a href=""> Read More...

Summer Chest and Back Routine

For those of you looking for a new Chest/Back Routine for August Give this one a go. Also be sure to like my Official Facebook Page. Abbreviations: ss/w = Superset with the next exerciseDB = Dumbbell BB= BarbellWarm-up 5 to 10 minutes: 4 x 12 Standing Cable Pullover ss/w4 x 10 Alternating Push-ups using Bosu4... Continue Reading →

Do things right the first time…lessons from Dad

My dad often stressed doing things right the first time. I received an email this morning which made me reflect on that. Which brings me to this point. There are seemingly "easy" ways to get a person to where he or she believes she wants to be physically on the outside steroids, diet pills, extreme... Continue Reading →

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