Hair Update #3

Quick update. I found that the Lisa Akbari products did not work well for my hair at all. I followed the instructions in the book and also happen to have visited and had the opportunity and blessing to travel through Tennessee and met Lisa. The products did not work well on my hair at all... Continue Reading →

More than a selfie…

Bring your photos to life with substance. Give me more than a selfie. Yeah we know you're pretty and gorgeous or good looking and handsome. But tell me something that will enlighten me about who you are inside. I mean come on in this great big world of ours where God has created rainbows and... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter Weekend

A day of reflection. Friday 14 April 2017 Today as I was awakened by the Lord for morning Prayer and reading of the word at 4:07 a.m. I read scripture and then randomly flipped to another scripture in the Bible this is the page that opened. What are the odds this would be the scripture... Continue Reading →

First Official Leg Day Since Calf Tear…

Yesterday at Golds Gym I completed my first leg day training since the calf injury on January 3, 2017. Just one day and one month after it happened. Of course I did a warm up, stretching, and preparatory exercises before going into squats, leg press etc;  A cool down and stretches followed after. This morning... Continue Reading →

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