5 weeks post surgery

I am 5 weeks post #surgery ovary and #fibroidtumor removed. Feeling great and at 110% Training. Check out this Flex Friday shot. Strength is coming back. I'm ready for some size now. I Love muscle. Follow my Journey.

The Art Of A Warrior Chest Routine:

The Art of A Warrior Chest Routine: 3 x 12 Incline Machine Chest Press 3 x 12 Plyo Pushups Using 2 Steps 3 x 12 Flat Bench DB Bench Chest Press 3 x 12 Pushups 3 x 12 Pec Dec Flye

The Art of A Warrior Back Sculpting Routine

The Art of A Warrior Back Sculpting Routine: Recently I asked fans, readers, and friends what they would like to see more of and many stated a back routine would be great. I  often post lower body routines because I've spent so long training my own lower body that creating plans for the lower body comes... Continue Reading →

Glute Shocker Workout

My latest Glute/ Leg Workout. This is from my workout journal and based on my experience. This is a Fast Twitch Activating/ Fat Blasting/Muscle Building / Calorie Blasting Workout All In One. Rest legs the following day and for max recovery and growth wait 48 hours to train legs again. NO CARDIO AFTER LEG WORKOUT.... Continue Reading →

Washboard Abs Wednesday

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Wednesday!! In honor of Wednesday I have created the Washboard Abs Wednesday Workout. Give it a go and feel the burn!!! Stay consistent with clean eating, regular exercise, and this great ab routine ....reap the benefits of a healthier more fit body and perhaps even those washboard abs in time for... Continue Reading →

Upper Body Goddess Shred Workout: Free Workout

This is a workout that I put together.  I'm a woman 🙂 (but you already know that)  with that said my workouts are mostly designed for women. They are workouts that are designed to give the female body the sculpted bikini body shape with curves in the right places.  I test each of my workouts... Continue Reading →

How to quickly change your old workout routine into a fresh new routine.

Hello The Art Of A Warrior fans and followers. Are you use to doing your workout in a certain order? Here is a tip to change up your routine in no time by reversing or mixing up the order.  See the sample workout below. Start with deadlifts end with leg press for the first set.... Continue Reading →

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