Hello World, Welcome to my  blog The Art Of A Warrior.

The Art Of A Warrior encompasses the art of being an athlete, the art of  being healthy and being fit.  What you’ll find here is about 50%  health and  fitness with 50% other  because my life is made up of more than just health and fitness those type of post will be categorized as random or other.

As you can see in my before and after photos I’ve come quite a long way in my own health and fitness journey and learned a thing or two or more 🙂 about getting into terrific shape.

I’ve studied the art of health and fitness for years reading books, researching, learning from fitness experts, teachers, mentors you name it. I’ve spent who know’s how much money and have also experimented, analyzed, applied, and experienced a lot to finally discovering “the secret”,  the key to unlocking my best me.

Through my journey, I’ve learned what it takes to get to and finally be in a place of happiness mind, body, and soul; And realized it starts with what is going into not only the body but the mind as well.

Today I am sharing a part of me, my love for training hard, and clean eating, with the part of you that wants to know more about how you can start, continue, or just pick up a little extra insight from someone who knows what it’s like and has experience getting from point A to point B and beyond.

Glad you’ve somehow stumbled upon this page, my page that allows me to share with you.  Please take a look at some previous posts and stay tuned for more.

 Thank you for following via WordPress.

Sincerely, Alane

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