Hair Update #3

Quick update. I found that the Lisa Akbari products did not work well for my hair at all. I followed the instructions in the book and also happen to have visited and had the opportunity and blessing to travel through Tennessee and met Lisa. The products did not work well on my hair at all and my hair became knotted, extremely dry, and nothing I did added moisture back into my hair. I didn’t know what was going on I thought it could have been stress or heat from the weather out west. Note: I don’t use heat styling tools. When I ran out of the product I used alternatives products like Camille Rose which actually helped still I did not think anything of the Akbari hare care line as a cause of damage and thinning it was only later when my mom asked me to order some for her and I used some of the product I purchased for her that I realized once again my hair became knotted and dry.  My mom said the product seemed to be ok for her hair she continued using it a couple more times and without any prompting from me said that she noticed her hair thinning in the center.

I can only say that the customer service and my interaction with Lisa and her company was exceptional. However based on my experience and my mother’s experience with the actual products recommended for mine and my moms natural hair, I can not personally recommend the products. What has helped tremendously with growth and bounce back and length: Prayer, Time, Vitamins,  and great products like Camille Rose , The Mane Choice (Shampoo Only), Taliah Waajid products. I’m very happy with these three product lines mentioned.

God Bless, Be well, and All My Best,


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