One Year Ago

I had an opportunity to write with and speak to Mrs. Stone by phone. I won’t ever forget our conversation or the love thar radiated long after our conversation was over. She is missed and I have one thing to do before I leave this Earth that she and I spoke of me doing and I want to fulfill that in her honor. Thank you Mrs. Stone. Until we meet again.


Lola Stone left us a year ago today. Deeply spiritual, she considered this the next phase of our journey.

“When I leave this world I believe I will be re-entering the Real World and the Life from which I have been exiled all these long years.

“From here the journey continues until I and each one of us make our way towards the final goal: becoming one with the One Who Is All, the eternal NOW. How short the journey would be if we could remember who we really are.

When I leave,
Don’t weep for me–
I’ll be free!
You’ll find me
Sliding down rainbows,
Coloring the sunrise,
Dancing on the clouds,
Streaking towards the stars.
Sorrow not for me–
I’ll be free!
Lola Stone

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