My List

​My List by #TobyKeith is one of my favorite songs and videos. I love it because it really speaks to the heart and soul about the bottom line and the bottom line is about what matters most.  It is a tear jerker and a feel good video too. I encourage you to watch the video and really listen to the lyrics. When I woke up this morning God spoke to me, Spirit spoke to me, the Universe spoke to me with the lyrics of this song on my mind. When I watched the video I knew why. With all that has been going on this is a thought provoking message to all my The Art Of A Warrior page followers, to the USA, and the World about what really matters. Take time for yourselves and your loved ones. My List by Toby Keith “Under an old brass paper weight is my list of things to do today….go for #walk, say a little #prayer, play some catch, take a deep of mountain air, ….just start living that’s the next thing on my list.” List by Toby Keith Video In Jesus Name Amen

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