New Relationships and Fitness

Getting into a new relationship can sometimes throw things a little off balance when it comes to your workouts, because you want the new relationship to grow so you start spending more time on developing and growing the new relationship and less time on working out. Avoid worrying about the fact that you stopped working out or began to workout less and just get back on board get on track. Both the relationship and training tend to eventually balance out as you realize the relationship is in a good place and you begin to resume your day to day routine and getting on track with fitness.

If you’re single /not yet in a new relationship and have an idea that you would like to start dating soon, it might be ideal to have a plan on how you will stay on track with your fitness. Perhaps planning your workouts/training sessions first thing in the morning taking care of yourself so that if something comes up or there is a date later there is no rush to workout or miss a workout later. Also training first thing in the morning allows you to do everything else you want to do for the day, after you know you’ve already gotten your workout in. Also consider those you want to date to be on or somewhat on the same page as you are when it comes to health and fitness.

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