The Art of A Warrior Back Sculpting Routine

The Art of A Warrior Back Sculpting Routine: Recently I asked fans, readers, and friends what they would like to see more of and many stated a back routine would be great.

I  often post lower body routines because I’ve spent so long training my own lower body that creating plans for the lower body comes naturally to me.  But we all know each body part is important and should have it’s fair share of training.   So over the next few posts I’ll be breaking workouts down into body parts starting with today’s Back Sculpting Routine.  Do this routine 1 to 2 times a week on non consecutive days.

Train hard, sculpt right by using proper form, and visualize each part of your back developing as you would have it. Strong Sexy and Noticeable.  Get it in.

Back Sculpting Routine*:

2 x 8 Standing Cable Rear Raise ss/w

3 x 12 Wide Grip Pulldown

3 x 12 Pull-Up ss/w

3 x 12 Plank Row

3 x 12 Inverted Row

3 x 8 Deadlifts ss/w

3 x 8 Hyper Extensions


*As always consult your physician before performing any of the exercises.

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