Summer Chest and Back Routine

For those of you looking for a new Chest/Back Routine for August Give this one a go. Also be sure to like my Official Facebook Page. Image

Abbreviations: ss/w = Superset with the next exercise
DB = Dumbbell BB= Barbell

Warm-up 5 to 10 minutes:
4 x 12 Standing Cable Pullover ss/w
4 x 10 Alternating Push-ups using Bosu
4 x 12 T Bar Row
4 x 10 Pec Dec/ Fly Machine (this is a two in one machine) Superset the exercises
4 x 10 Machine Incline Press (Hammer Strength Free Weight Machine or Similar)
4 x 12 Seated Row (ss/w)
4 x 12 Bench Decline Chest Press

Cool Down Stretch – Enjoy Post Workout Meal / Shake

Optional :
15 -20 Min Cardio Post Training

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