Do things right the first time…lessons from Dad

My dad often stressed doing things right the first time. I received an email this morning which made me reflect on that. Which brings me to this point. There are seemingly “easy” ways to get a person to where he or she believes she wants to be physically on the outside steroids, diet pills, extreme fatburners, extreme thermogenics (with additives), etc. 3 hour cardio, extremely low diets and whalaa instant hot bod. All of those things inevitably come at an extremely high price the body becomes taxed which causes havoc and in a sense melt or breakdown people see these ways as a quick fix however what they don’t realize is that yes it is “quick” only “beneficial” for lack of a better word, for a very short time. And will in time tear the body down leaving the person standing there trying to figure out how to repair the damage. Turn back the clock when they should have just been patient and done things correct the first time.

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