Ugh I don’t like category x,y, and z, on the bodybuilding spectrum category j is Better. Better for Who?

competitor difference

It doesn’t matter what category you fit in Bikini, Figure, Women’s Physique, Men’s Physique,Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Bodybuilding we all busted our butts to get on that stage and to compete many times over.

One doesn’t simply dream of building the muscle and the next morning it is there or burning the fat and poof it’s gone. Building and Cutting takes work and time and EVERY competitor no matter where they are on what I call better body spectrum of bodybuilding, they (we) put in work to get to where they (we) are.

We choose to be in one category or the other because that fits us most i.e. our personalities or whatever the case may be. Competitors please support each other if you don’t like bikini because you don’t like the way Bikini Athletes (yes athletes because Bikini Athletes Workout and Compete) pose then don’t compete in bikini, if you don’t like women’s bodybuilding because you think it’s almost crossing the line of femininity and masculinity then don’t go for it.

If you don’t like the shorts that men in Men’s Physique have to wear or don’t think they have big enough legs ok that isn’t you. That guy in men’s physique just like you, busted his butt to get on stage and show off his best package. Please don’t put someone else down who has a goal of making themselves the best that they can be just like your doing or have done. Not cool.

If you don’t have anything nice to say about a certain place on the bodybuilding spectrum it’s best to keep quiet. You never know who is listening or the bridges you could be burning. We are all entitled to our opinions of course. IJS this is another one of my Be humble moments. You might get bit in the butt.

Here is why I do Bikini. I like doing Bikini it fits my personality. When I began training the first time around kinda dabbling with the idea of competing it was for Figure, after a couple months training seeing my upper body developing into that signature figure look I backed off.  I Didn’t like that look on me. I have many friends in figure they like competing in figure and look amazing but for me I prefer Bikini as it suits me more than figure. For me it is because of the certain way I like my body to look. I like getting on stage and being a little sassy it opens me up more I tend to be serious in life (come on my career background is in mental health) and this allows me to be free and be another part of me that part of me that is fun.  For me my body makes a better bikini body therefore I  prefer Bikini. – Just some of my thoughts today.

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