Glute Shocker Workout

My latest Glute/ Leg Workout. This is from my workout journal and based on my experience.

This is a Fast Twitch Activating/ Fat Blasting/Muscle Building / Calorie Blasting Workout All In One. Rest legs the following day and for max recovery and growth wait 48 hours to train legs again. NO CARDIO AFTER LEG WORKOUT. This is cardio enough and your body will continue to burn fat and calories long after you are done.


4 x 56 Barbell Walking Lunges Tri-set with the following exercise
4 x 20 Switch (jump lunge)
4 x 10 Stiff Leg Deadlifts with the Barbell Used for Walking Lunges

4 x 10-12 Deep Wide Low Squats (Using Smith Machine) Your max heavy weight that allows you to also perform the squat nice and low (haha well it won’t be nice but definitely low) – Tri-Set with the following exercises
4 x 20 Jump Squats
4 x 12 Kettle Bell Goblet Squat

4 x 20 Pop Squats -Triset with the following exercises
4 x 60 Walking Lunges Arms Straight Up to Sky while walking
4 x 1 minute Heavy Kettlebell Goblet Squat Pulses ( start in a low squat position and pulse up 2 inches)

4 x 10 Standing Abductor Leg Raise(with leg weights) (superset with)
4 x 10 Standing Kickbacks (using leg weights)

Cool Down / Stretch

If you are new to exercising aka a beginner be sure to connect with a fitness expert / trainer to learn how to properly perform exercises to reduce possible risk of injury and for maximum results. This is a sample workout from my own journal using the workout is at your own risk and you acknowledge that you have spoken with your doctor to make sure you
are cleared to do a workout such as this one. For Intermediate and Experienced Athletes often engaging in tough workouts you’ll find this one well worth giving it a go and perhaps making it a staple over the next few months or as needed.


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