The Peanut Butter Jar Is Empty Again?! Put The Spoon Down and Step Away From The Jar.

peanut butter

I see it and hear about it over and over, time and time again, someone went on a binge and ate an entire jar of peanut

butter or some other kind of nut butter within a matter of minutes, hours, two days.

It goes something like this. Shoulders shrugged, “I don’t know”. Shaking my head. “What did I do?” “It was there one minute and gone the next.” “I feel terrible” “I messed up” “I let my coach down” “I let my teammates down” “Oh no I gotta burn this fat peanut butter is fat “ok here is the plan… cardio everyday 2 hours”.   <——Does any of this sound familiar?

So why is this happening? Why does it seem to happen to so many female competitors? What is it about that darn peanutempty peanut-butter butter? I mean OMG what is the problem?  The problem is A. The competitor has peanut butter on her plan B. She hasn’t had it on her plan and it has recently been added C. Peanut Butter is nowhere mentioned on her plan she has picked it up and put it in her shopping cart for kicks and just maybe to have a bit for that cheat meal peanut butter sandwich this weekend. D. “It’s for the Kids” mmm hmm E. Because the tablespoon being used is the one from your kitchen silverware drawer.  F. The darn tablespoon is going into the jar again and again, and again, and again. G. Daily fat intake is entirely too low.

Here is a something to consider and what just may also be a solution for you as it has been for me.  I too went through nut butter binges at one time in my life.  I went so far as to not have nut butter for well over a year because I felt I would not be able to control myself.  Now I enjoy nut butter often without binging or even thinking about binging on it because to me it is a supplement for fuel.  As competitors we are constantly weighing and measuring our foods to make sure we get in the right amounts do we not? The idea is not to put the peanut butter or

When you go to have your peanut butter you want to have a real measuring tablespoon, not a regular spoon from your kitchen drawer of silverware. We all know what happens then. That isn’t a proper measuring spoon and the spoon keeps going in over and over again.  Make sure you measure out a level measuring spoonful of peanut butter, almond butter, or whatever your nut butter of choice is. Again when you do this you are training your mind that this is a supplement.almond butter in the pantry with the other foods, but to leave it out with the supplements taken daily. When you start treating your peanut butter intake as a healthy fat supplement you train your mind to think ok this is for fuel and not something you want to over indulge in. I mean you’re not going to keep going into a jar of vitamin e or vitamin c or fish oil capsules and eat that all day are you;  popping it like candy? No because it is a supplement.

Also, know that healthy fat is great for your body and that you need it as fuel. Healthy fats in the form of nut butters (in moderation as whole food supplements) will actually help you lose weight? Yes, really.  Having nut butter and fish oil will help you get in your daily fat intake. Remember that sometimes when you have a craving or feel the need to binge it is because you are not getting the proper nutrients for your body to calm or stop the cravings. Craving and binging on  nut butters could mean you are not taking in enough fat in your diet. Fish oil capsules taken daily and 1 to 2 tablespoons of nut butter could help soothe these cravings for bad fat or too much fat, because you will be getting in clean healthy fats for your diet.  Eating healthy fats help to balance your body.

Remember a. peanut butter is a healthy fat to be used as a supplement b. place it with the rest of your supplements and finally c. feel free to enjoy a tablespoon daily as long as you also have a plan of  healthy meals and exercise regularly.

By Alane Ayat-Adapt

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