“Should women use creatine?”

Recently I asked the question “Do you use creatine”. In response the question “should women use it?” was asked.

Women can use creatine. Should they use any supplement including creatine would be up to the individual.  I use creatine,  there  is no boundary as to the use of creatine for women. Creatine is naturally produced in the human body. I take Creatine Monohydrate in cycles. Do I find it harmful not at all, helpful possibly. From my experience with the powder form Creatine Monohydrate,  it seems to help with recovery.  As for as the other claims well I can’t tell much of a difference i.e. increases energy, endurance, and strength.  I take green tea extract for an energy boost when I feel the need. Using creatine with or without the green tea extract I find no significant increase in my energy. I have noticed no significant gains in strength or size. My water intake is about a gallon of day so unless I am bloated from “that time of the month” that ladies have there has been perhaps only little water weight. I have actually lost weight even while using creatine. As stated above the only benefit I can say I have experienced would be better recovery. …I will note that about 12 years ago I was taking creatine in a liquid form and noticed very significant gains in strength. At that time I was taking no other supplements not even multivitamins.

Whether one decides to use creatine or not is up to each individual and his or her goals. In short bottom line. Women can use creatine.

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