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Often I’m asked,”Are you going to join this team or that team?”  This isn’t unusual because I’ve been on a fitness team before. When I decided to leave the team it was bittersweet. I left because I set goals for myself and began visualizing my best me and in order to be that I needed to grow.  I wasn’t able to grow being the team.

I’ve gone back and forth about being on a team. I keep weighing the pros and cons and the cons seem to far outweigh the pros because there are generally limits and conformity.   When you join a team and I mean in general, you generally have to fall in line with a certain belief system or style of training, eating etc. I believe there are many roads to getting to where you want to be to meet your fitness goals. One shouldn’t have to conform to a certain style and just sit there spinning wheels wasting away time on something that just isn’t or doesn’t work.  

Some of the things I thought about were, does the team coach or trainer have more than one method or style of training?  Sure  having one  method may work for 70% of the people and that is awesome, but what  happens with the other 30%. he or she is training?  Probably need to come up with an alternative.

Is the team too big?  Will you get that one on one time that you need with your coach(s) or trainer(s)?

Are the plans cookie cutter if so and  let’s just say I fit into that 30% will adjustments be made to fit my need or is it possible for a girl to just go on and get an individual plan tailored specifically for her. hmm is that too much to ask of the trainer I’m paying?

What’s the team uniform look like does it say “Beast Mode” .  I don’t want to be considered a Beast in fact I can’t even imagine a beast in a bikini ewww or “Train like a Man”  <—-really I’m a woman and have no desire to be or train like a man.  Nothing against people who do but that is the last thing I want to wear while I’m at a fitness expo or event haha ok well if it says beast mode and I’m getting paid by a sponsor I’d think about that one but if I’m paying you to train me, beast mode is the last thing I’m trying to wear. 😉

The pros of a team: Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Camaraderie  Support, and a Network of individuals all over the country and possibly in other countries if you haven’t built one yourself which I have.

The above list of  pros and cons isn’t my complete list just a handful. At the moment being an “unrestricted free agent” I am not opposed to being sponsored by a team, however  my overall being has to be in it 100% , it has to resonate within me. and follow in line with my beliefs. Because whether I am on a team or not I want to be able to help other people and inspire them and continue to be a role model.


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